1. LUKE Hydrogel Eye Patch - Wrinkle
    It helps skin refreshing, improve elasticity and preventing aging due to low molecular weight collagen ingredients from nature and Q10 which is good at antioxidant effect. Antioxidant effect prevent aging skin and make energy production smoothly due to keeping down harmful oxygen by Coenzyme Q10.
  2. LUKE Hydrogel Eye Patch - Collagen
    Low molecular weight collagen ingredients from nature manages dry and rough skin around eyes to healthy and elastic skin around eyes by vivo absorption. Kelp Ext., Seaweed Ext., Hizikia Fusiforme Ext, including Alginic acid ingredient manage to clean skin around eyes by supplying moisture and nutrition. Sticky high-density sheet helps to make elastic skin around eyes. 
  3. LUKE Hydrogel Eye Patch - Snail
    Mucin in snail mucus Ext. heals skin damage, and protects the skin from external environment, and makes moist and elastic skin around eyes. Adenosine ingredient enhances skin around eye elasticity.
  4. LUKE Hydrogel Eye Patch - Eye Puffiness
    Pumpkin Ext., Green Tea Ext. help to decrease swelling. Lotus leaf Ext. and Cucumber Ext. soothes tired skin and help to manage around eyes by enhancement of cutaneous circulation and moisture control.
  5. LUKE Hydrogel Eye Patch - Dark Circle
    Vitamin A derivatives help to improve the rough skin and prevent skin cell damage and make manage soft and smooth around eyes. Vitamin C derivatives and antioxidant effects make skin around eyes. Vitamin E derivative help to manage the skin around eyes and blood vessels healthy, and tone up skin around eyes.

About LUKE Hydrogel Eye Patch ​​​

Soft and elastic Gel which hold moisture and active ingredients. 

Help permeation of cosmetic ingredients inside Gel ⇒ Focused nutrition supply. Stored effectively components of moisture and oil without additive component due to Low Density Matrix structure of Gel. It has adhesion with soft and sticky, and being attached on curved face smooth. 

Good normal transportation conditions(high and low temperature) and shock resistance and microorganism stability. Chewy high-density sheet helps to make elastic skin around eyes. Easy to use in all steps. 

SIZE 5 g

How to Use